SEO- A quick checklist to get your website well optimized.

Have you done with the detailed optimization of your website? Are you sure your website is on the right track to get indexed by the Google? Getting the SEO does not means that you should apply certain applications over your website and it’s done. It’s more than that. The complete process of SEO targets around the purpose to make the search engine spider’s lands to your site and apply the page rank relevancy to make it ranked over the top search engines. Unlike the quick process, it is a continuous process that requires continual testing and maintenance to make the rank settled. To follow a detailed process, you must counter some important check-ins that lets you land at the positive outcome.


Here is some quick check-ins:

Website analysis: a detailed analysis to your website’s Meta tags, keywords and visible text needs to be done to ascertain your position over the search engines.

• Keyword analysis: initial keyword search is necessary to pick out the common but necessary terms through which your website will be searched on the search engines. A prioritized list is necessary to ascertain the position of the website on the leading search engines. once you are done with the initial search, try to figure out the competitive analysis of the same keeping in mind the factors link building, plurals, singulars, matched phrases, etc.

• Ranking assessment: Keep an eye on your website progress after the optimization process. You can prepare an excel sheet right from the day; you start working on your website. You can pen down the ranking ups and downs and accordingly manage the efforts.

• Create keyword based titles: it’s the time to create keyword based titles to your pages. It will help in establishing a quick connection between the keywords and the page themes that can turn the possible chances to get directional ranking.

• Content management: you should manage your content thoroughly. While managing it, be sure to apply keyword based phrases in the content posted in the website pages. It will help in directing the crawler of the Google to land at the relevant searched page that leads in the indexed application. Avoid over stuffing of the keyword based phrases and be strict to optimal usage of the content.

• Limited submission of website to directories: you can try this too. Submitting your website link to various directories can get you the back links in the most natural way. The links will help in getting the site indexed by the Google.

• Testing: apply the testing measure and analyze the effectiveness of every technique that you have implemented in your search engine optimization process. Keep an eye on the changes you have applied and try to pen down the result of the changes.

• Maintenance: to improve the SEO process and its effectiveness, it becomes imperative to maintain the ongoing methodology and means of optimizing the website. Try to mold the running keywords and tactics and you can surely find your website gaining the benefit.

With the above check-ins, you can easily find your website growing on the search engines, thereby driving more traffic and bringing in improved ROI.

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